Aerial Photography & Filming Services

Using stunning aerial views, photos and videos we can effectively Improve, enhance and showcase your business and those special events and celebrations.

From the Air is waiting to enhance your Sales; showcase your events and special celebrations, through stunning aerial views, exceptional photography and videos. Our cost effective work will show off your business from a new perspective, enlivening your website, marketing needs, and all your advertising material. From the Air will add a new exciting dimension to personal family events, making celebrations more exciting and memorable.

Property Marketing

Enhance your sales using the stunning aerial views, photos, and videos of your properties, showing off their grounds and giving a better understanding of the surrounding neighbourhood, highlighting local landmarks views and areas of natural beauty and interest.

Property marketing videos shot from the air.

Aerial Inspections

Use our services in a cost effective, quick and convenient, and environmentally friendly way to inspect roofs, chimneys, and structural damage to buildings, grounds, and fencing, a great alternative to using traditional methods such as scaffolding or cherry-pickers, or even a helicopter. Use of aerial pictures of storm damage and other insurance claims may strengthen your claim.

Aerial inspections and surveys across Hampshire and Surrey.

Business Promotions

Aerial photography and film used to be something of an exclusive luxury, the preserve of large companies, using expensive helicopters or cranes. However, now using the latest UAV's, drones, there is a much more affordable and convenient alternative, opening up the possibility of showcasing you business from new heights with high resolution aerial photos and videos for you website, marketing needs, and advertising material.

Unique business promotions with airborne footage in Surrey and Hampshire.


Using stunning aerial views, photos and videos we can effectively add a new dimension to your special memories of weddings, parties, personal family events, festivals, or corporate promotional events. Sharing with your guests and clients a new angle that will add an extra element that tradition photography can't, making celebrations more exciting and memorable.

Aerial filming of events in Hants and Surrey.